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Innovation DIY Activities

  • 7 At Home Spring Break Experiments

    Spring Break Science Camp at home with these 7 fun experiments with regular house hold ingredients. Experiments include: Making Gelatin Bioplastics, Making colour changing potion, exploding milk, a solar oven, invisible ink, milk plastics, and a milk rainbow.
  • 5 meaningful ways to make a difference this Earth Day

    Celebrate Earth Day with these hands-on science experiments that will teach your little scientists about taking care of the Earth.

    The experiment:

    Teach kids about clean water by beginning with a trip to a local pond or natural water source to get a “dirty water sample.” Then, follow the water treatment steps using supplies you have at home!

  • Low Cost Ways to Incorporate STEM into the Classroom

    The STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math can be very daunting when considering incorporating them more into the classroom. We put together a list of simple activities that can be done with supplies already in the classroom to teach different STEM lessons!
  • 10 Sassy and Fun STEM Valentine's Activities and Experiments

    Top 10 STEM Valentine's Day Experiments 

    10 easy to prepare experiments that can be adapted in complexity for any age. We created some free printable worksheets that you can use while conducting your experiments to support the scientific concepts you are exploring. Incorporate the scientific method into your activity by discussing your predictions and coming up with a hypothesis, testing your predictions and documenting your results.