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About Us

We're a Vancouver-based startup run by women who believe that every girl deserves the chance to unleash her full potential. We are dedicated to creating toys, activities, and experiences that promote curiosity, problem-solving, and  exposure to STEM skills in early childhood.



To ignite the imaginations and strengthen the abilities of the next generation of female innovators through a captivating range of intellectually stimulating, fun, and fierce toys and activities.              


Our vision is to disrupt the toy industry and challenge the limitations of the 'pink aisle,' redefining what is traditionally associated with 'girl' toys. We aim to elevate the standard by offering intellectually enriching toys that empower girls to envision a future for themselves beyond the confines of baby dolls and kitchen sets.     


Dr. Amy Tanner, Founder/CEO  

Empowering Girls to Reach their Full Potential: Meet Dr. Amy Tanner

dr. amy tanner, ace and riley founder, women in stem, entrepreneur

Named one of Thrive Global's "Top 12 Thriving Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021," Dr. Amy Tanner is a visionary in the world of STEM education for girls. With over a decade of experience as a pediatric behavior consultant, she has made it her mission to create a more equitable future for girls in STEM.

Her groundbreaking work led her to the realization that there was a massive gap in cognitively enriching toys marketed towards girls. Undeterred, she founded ACE and RILEY in 2020 to close that gap and provide girls with the same opportunities for growth and development as their male counterparts.

With a background in autism research and intervention, and a wealth of international speaking experience, Dr. Tanner is a recognized expert in her field. She is currently a Professor at Capilano University in Vancouver and Queen's University Belfast, and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with the next generation of female STEM leaders.

Join Dr. Amy Tanner on her mission to support and empower girls in STEM. 


 Caylie Valley, Girl Mom Extraordinaire 

Leading the Way for Girls in STEM: Meet Caylie Valley
Caylie Valley, girl mom

As a dedicated mom of two incredible girls, Caylie Valley is on a mission to give them the best possible start in life. Frustrated by the limited opportunities for girls in STEM fields, Caylie founded ACE and RILEY to challenge the traditional gender roles and provide girls with the skills and confidence they need to pursue their passions.

From an early age, Caylie saw the impact of these gender biases and was determined to break the mold for her own daughters. Through ACE and RILEY, she provides young girls with a diverse range of toys and activities that encourage curiosity, problem-solving, and exposure to foundational STEM skills.

With a commitment to making STEM fun, relevant, and super sassy, Caylie is leading the way for the next generation of female STEM leaders.