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Fairy Fairy, Apothecary: 3 Magical Experiments in 1 AMAZING KIT
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Fairy Fairy, Apothecary: 3 Magical Experiments in 1 AMAZING KIT

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🧚‍♂️ Get ready for a science adventure like no other with Fairy Fairy, Apothecary! 🧪 This kit is packed with magic and wonder, perfect for kids who love to play and explore. Dress up as a fairy and create your very own enchanted world as you conduct three fantastic experiments.

With the 🪄 Grow Your Own Crystal Wand experiment, you'll be amazed as you turn a powder into liquid and finally, into sparkling crystals before your very eyes! Get ready to mold and shape your own 💕 Super Soft Fairy Dough and add a dash of sparkle with the Magic Activator Solution. And, watch as you grow a truly Magical Beanstalk 🌱 in fairytale water beads, learning about the life cycle of a bean along the way.

This kit is the perfect tool to teach your child the basics of science while they have fun. From hypothesis and prediction to states of matter, chemical reactions, and biological concepts, your little one will be learning and discovering new things with every experiment.

Suitable for kids aged 4 and up, Fairy Fairy, Apothecary is the perfect way to spark your child's imagination and love for science! 💡


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