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DIY Bath Bombs
DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

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Dive into the world of Fizzology and discover the science behind bath bombs as you create and design your own delightful assortment of fizzy wonders. From Designing colourful swirls to adding soothing scents. Let your creativity bubble over

The fizziness of bath bombs is caused by a chemical reaction that happens when baking soda and citric acid come into contact with water.

Constructing bath bombs is a fun way to learn about chemical reactions while making bath time more enjoyable. 

This set comes with:

Food and Skin Safe ingredients to make 3 medium sized bath bombs 

1 Stainless Steel Bath Bomb sphere mold 

1 Carrying pouch that can be used to gift wrap a bath bomb 

1 worksheet to record observations and results from the experiment. 

Ages 4-6: I may need some help 

Ages 7-9: I got this!

* Add essential oils and food colouring to create various scents and colours.