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Fairy Fairy, Apothecary: 3 Magical Experiments in 1 AMAZING KIT

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Fairy Fairy, Apothecary brings the magic and wonder to science while encouraging exploration through role play. Get dressed up and pretend to be a fairy who creates her own magical world. 

This kit includes experiments and explores biological and chemical properties and concepts. 

3 Experiments:

* Grow a Magical Beanstalk 🌱 in fairytale water beads. Learn about the life cycle of a bean. 

* Grow your own Crystal Wand 🪄watch as crystals go from a powder to liquid to crystals. Observe them as they form and grow. 

*Super Soft Fairy Dough 🧚 (Fairy Dough Powder + Magic Activator Solution, Sparkles, various colours).

Teach your child the foundations of science with this activity: hypothesis, prediction,  states of matter, chemical reactions and biological concepts.

For ages 4 and up. 


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