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Raising Innovators

  • Teachers mark boys’ primary (elementary) school maths tests more favourably than girls, impacting girls’ uptake of advanced mathematics and science subjects in high school.

    The study found that the effects of teacher bias (measured by giving lower marks in mathematics for the same standard of work as boys) persisted for girls, leading to poorer results through their high school years. However, many boys whose teachers over-assessed their performance in the early years went on to be successful in mathematics and science."
  • As Early as Third grade, Girls ask for Less than Boys when Negotiating

    A recent article in Scientific America (April, 9, 2021), examined the negotiation habits of children and found that by 3rd grade, girls begin asking for less than boys when negotiating. 

    "As developmental scientists, and as women who have to do a fair bit of negotiation in our own professional lives, we wondered: Is this something that emerges relatively late, after young adults have developed a more sophisticated understanding of norms and stereotypes surrounding gender and negotiation? Or are these differences more deeply rooted in development, emerging as early as childhood?"