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Girls Just Wanna Innovate

 girl building a robot

What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,  a field that is always rapidly growing and evolving. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from computer science to physics to architecture. And while STEM is important for everyone, it is especially crucial for girls. In fact, according to the National Science Foundation, women are vastly underrepresented in STEM fields, making up only 28% of the workforce. 


Why is it important?

So why is STEM so important for girls? For starters, it opens up a world of opportunities. STEM jobs are some of the fastest-growing and highest-paying in the world, with many exciting and challenging career paths to explore. 
But even beyond the job market, STEM skills are increasingly important in our everyday lives, from understanding how our smartphones work to solving complex problems in our communities.

 How can we encourage girls to get excited about STEM?

One great way is through play! Toys and games that build foundational STEM skills are a great way to introduce girls to these concepts in a fun and engaging way. Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Lego - It’s not just for boys! Building with Lego bricks helps develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.

  2. Snap Circuits - This kit teaches the basics of circuitry and electricity, all while creating cool gadgets.

  3. Coding games - Games like Scratch and teach coding concepts through interactive games and challenges.

  4. Microscopes and telescopes - These tools let kids explore the world around them, from tiny microbes to distant stars.

And remember... If you want to get your daughter excited about STEM, you also need to be excited about STEM - if it's not your strong suit, think about taking it on as a challenge together! 

Happy STEMing!