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Top 12 Thriving Female Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2021

In a world where women are often overlooked for business opportunities, these 12 female entrepreneurs are making sure they’re heard! From revolutionizing the health and wellness industry to uncovering untapped markets – these powerhouse ladies have been able to turn their vision into reality.

Dr. Amy Tanner 

Co-Founder and CEO of ACE and RILEY  

Dr. Amy Tanner is a woman on a mission to create a world where girls are encouraged and supported in their STEM career pursuits. As a pediatric behavior consultant, Amy has spent over a decade observing neuro-development in children. Her work led to the discovery that toys for little boys are not made the same as toys for little girls.

Intent on disrupting this finding, Amy launched ACE and RILEY in early 2020 as a toy company providing little girls with the same opportunities for cognitive development that have long been provided to little boys. As a trailblazer in her industry, Amy’s company has taken off over the past year. Her product line consists of various toys ranging from Magic Potion Starter Kits to the ‘Curie’osity Signature Science Set

Discover how you can be a part of Amy’s creative solution to ending gender inequalities in STEM careers now! 

Dr. Amy Tanner, STEM Entrepreneur, CEO ACE and RILEY

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