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About Us

 About Us

ACE and RILEY is a women-run Vancouver startup dedicated to transforming the way girls play. Currently there is a massive gender gap in post-secondary STEM programs and STEM careers which can be traced back to the lack of cognitively enriching toys marketed towards girls during the critical neurodevelopmental period in early childhood. ACE and RILEY is committed to levelling the playing field for girls by creating toys, activities and experiences that promote curiosity, problem-solving and exposure to foundational STEM skills while embracing and encouraging a lot of SASS.


Our Mission

To create innovative and sassy toys, activities and experiences for girls that promote curiosity, interest and aptitude in science, technology, engineering and math in early childhood

Our Vision

To close the gender gap in stem careers by revolutionizing, rethinking and raising the bar of what are considered 'girl toys'


Our Core Values  

SASS: Girls shouldn't have to choose between a lab coat and their glitz and frills, they can have it all. We're here to make stem fun, relevant and super sassy.

 CURIOSITY, INQUIRY & ANALYSIS: Our toys, activities and experiences are designed to promote these foundational problem solving skills. Our experiments are designed as experiments; beginning with a hypothesis, moving through the scientific method and then evaluating how it could be changed or improved.

 STORY-TELLING: Storytelling excelerates learning in that stories are 20 times more easily remembered and more accurately retained when we are part of a story than learning which is derived from facts and figures. We incorporate role-play and story telling into our play-sets and experiments in order to maximize learning.